02 June 2014

21-Day Mind Investigation on Sugar: Salad Sushi Roll | Day 5C

Here in this blog, I am continuing with the last point within the 'Salad Sushi Roll' Day 5A blog. I mentioned two points within that blog:
1) The first point is how I experienced the sushi roll as 'boring', and so I constantly ate a bit of the condiment that came with the sushi so that I can 'enjoy' it more. The question is, what is the point within this? Am I not supposed to enjoy the food that I eat? The point here is my judgment of the sushi being 'less appealing' without the condiment, and so I manipulate the taste of the sushi with something separate from it, such as a condiment to improve the taste. The point here is manipulation, and how foods are manipulated with sauces, condiments, and seasoning in order to improve the taste.
2) The second point is me not actually looking at and investigating what's in the food that I eat, but rather, shaping foods in a particular manner that will create more interest and attraction to that particular food item, and so because it then is shaped in a way that it looks good, so much focus is placed on how it looks that what's actually in the food is not investigated / missed.

The first point, I did self-forgiveness for in the previous blog. Self-forgiveness allows me to gift myself, through writing, the opportunity to look back at my experiences, and release any judgments, attractions, and resistances to particular food items. Such as, for instance, judging a particular food item as 'boring' because of the taste of it, or being attracted to a particular food item because of how it looks, and within that, ignoring the nutritional properties of it, and the nourishment that it can give in relation to physical health. So within releasing my judgments, attractions, and resistances to particular food items through self-forgiveness, I am able to more clearly see my starting-point (which is the reason) for eating particular food items. Am I eating this particular food item because I like how it looks and tastes? Am I eating this particular food item to compensate for my experience of boredom? And this 'list' goes on....

So here I will write some self-forgivenesses for the second point.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not place myself in the 'shoes' of food, and seeing as a human, how I eat food from a starting-point of 'taste' instead of a starting-point to nourish my physical body.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize how when I come from a starting-point of eating food because of the taste, how this is no different than how relationships are created from a starting-point of 'desire' rather than from a starting-point of individuals coming together to one-on-one expand, grow, and develop as individuals in life and living to support / assist each other unconditionally to reach their utmost potential where the relationship is a coming-together of individuals understanding what it means to stand as equals and to stand as one rather than standing as two separate individuals trying to become 'one' through 'desire'.

I commit myself to change my relationship to food from it being a source that only pleases my tongue to it being a source that is there to nourish my body. I commit myself to develop and equal-and-one relationship to my body -- meaning that I commit myself to understand my body in relation to what it needs for me to provide it with optimal health.

I commit myself to take a nutritional analysis test to see what I need as far as 'nutrition' for my physical body, and then get to know the combinations of different food items that can assist and support in providing optimal balance and sustenance for my physical body.

I commit myself to learn how to cook so that I can effectively manage my nutritional intake, and what I need as far as nutrition for my physical body.

I commit myself to buy a blood glucose meter, a lancet device, some lancets, and some blood glucose strips and learn how to test my blood sugar level to keep my blood sugar level at an optimal level, and learn how I can manage my food intake to preserve a well-balanced blood glucose level.

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