24 March 2015

Daily Reflection: Music Soothes My Heart

Here in this blog, I will write at least one self-forgiveness and one commitment in relation to something that stood out for the day that I decided to reflect on. If you'd like to know more about self-forgiveness, you can read my blog about self-forgiveness here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use music to activate memories, and believe that I am actually listening to the particular song when these memories activate within myself, instead of realizing that what I am actually focusing on in that moment are the memories of the past that are being stimulated by the particular song that is playing, and not actually directly engaged with physical reality and the particular song that I am listening to.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to attach an emotional experience to the particular memories that activated within msyelf when listening to a particular song, and allow that emotional experience to 'take me away' from the present moment, and believe that the 'music' is actually doing that, instead of realizing how this is in-fact me doubting myself, and what my mind is showing me in that moment when it comes to 'emotions' -- which I, in that moment, have the opportunity to assess and direct.

I commit myself to when and as an 'emotional experience' emerges within me when I am listening to music -- to assess the nature of the emotional experience, and what it is about that 'nature' of it that I am allowing to constantly re-emerge within myself when I listen to the particular song or when I am doing something that triggers that same or similar emotional experience / pattern.

I commit myself to take self-responsibility for the things that emerge in my mind, such as the thoughts, the imaginations, and emotional experiences by writing them down, and actually OWNING the things that emerge within my mind before I FORGET them because I see, realize, and understand that FORGETTING something that happened to me when I am aware of the fact that I can write them down in order to assess them then becomes a point of me running away from / not wanting to LOOK at my own creations in the forms of thoughts, imaginations, internal conversations, reactions / emotional experiences, etc. that I RELIVE OVER-AND-OVER again because of me not directing them.

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