10 May 2015

Whining to Get a Point Across

Here in this blog, I will write at least one self-forgiveness and one commitment statement that I will commit to live by in relation to something that stood out for the day that I decided to reflect on. If you'd like to know more about self-forgiveness, you can read my blog about self-forgiveness here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use whining as a way to direct a situation that emerged instead of realizing that the very point of whining is actually me becoming diminished to the person that I am whining to, and the situation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that if I whine enough, I will produce results that will support my perspective of what it is that I am whining about to make my perspective of what I am whining about more 'credible' instead of realizing that this is actually me manipulating my words and behavior, and within that manipulation, diminishing myself to those words and behaviors rather than being self-honest in relation to situation, seeing the situation for what it is, and providing a practical solution that is livable.

I commit myself to, when I am communicating to someone about a point -- to ensure that my voice tonality does not become an effect from an emotional reaction which can be assessed by the changes within my voice tonality.

I commit myself to be aware of when my voice tonality in communication changes, and assess if there is any pressure / buildup / churning that emerges or takes place within my stomach region (similar to the butterflies-in-the-stomach experience), and my chest area (such as a pressure or build-up in my chest region) because I realize that when there are changes in my body concomitant to (which means 'followed by' or accompanying) a raise in my voice tonality, that this is a tell-tale sign that I am reacting to a person / people / a situation because of changes within my body that were either not originally present before the dispute with the other person / people or changes in my body that were already present within myself that created the intent of wanting justify a point through 'whining' and 'emotional reaction'.

I commit myself to, when a point of 'whining' emerges from within myself, to specify what within myself contributed to the point of whining, by self-honestly asking myself, "What within myself contributed to this point of whining?", and from there, I see, realize, and understand that by asking myself this, I will have the opportunity to see more dimensions / memories / layers of what contributed to the point of 'whining' to be able to be more specific in relation to directing the point of whining into a 'stability'.

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