18 May 2014

'Common Sense' and Fatherhood: Self-Commitment Statements

Here in this blog, I'm looking at some self-commitments statements of how I will practically walk a point of correction to, instead of valuing others -- see how I can live that value that I see in other individuals so that I do not have to value them because I realize that I am able to express that within myself that I am valuing in others.

I see, realize, and understand that I defined the word 'father' as an individual that I look up to that I see has 'more qualities' than me that I gave 'value' to, and so within this, I try to become the 'image' and 'likeness' of my father so that I can 'please' him.

I commit myself to when and as I experience pleasure to / towards something or someone within my world / reality, I stop and breathe. I realize that to just arbitrarily participate within an experience of pleasure is when I give my 'trust' away to the experience of pleasure within myself [or any (negative) emotion or (positive) feeling that I experience]. I realize that I first have to stabilize myself and cross-reference within myself whether I am reacting to the particular individual that these emotions and feelings are being activated from, or whether it is a decision coming from myself. I see, realize, and understand that there will be no emotions and feelings when I make a decision within communication to smile or to laugh because I realize that I do not need emotions and feelings to validate who I am in relationship to others.

I commit myself to understand the difference between deciding on the basis of emotions and feelings and making a self-decision. I realize that emotions and feelings are when there is a feeling coming up or activating within myself that causes me to react a certain way (either negatively or positively) and within that, I realize how my decision can then, thus, become influenced based on emotions and feelings. I realize that a self-decision is me making a decision to express myself in a certain manner which is not dependent on the behavior or the words or the reactions of other people. I realize that when I react to something or someone based on their particular behavior, impression, words, and / or reactions, that this reaction is not a self-decision, but rather, a reaction that is dependent on the expression of another. I realize that my 'reactions' to others are actually 'programmed' because of how my reactions are impulsed after seeing a particular individual's behavior, impression, words, and / or reactions which impulses me to go into a reaction.

I commit myself to question why I'd rather define myself based on being 'impulsed' by others' behaviors, impressions, words, and / or reactions through emotional and feeling behavior.

Within this, I commit myself to stop trusting my reactions to others because I realize how my reactions are contingent on the actions of others, and so thus, is not a self-expression, but rather a programmed reaction.

I realize how I have defined 'son' as a male male human offspring who's role is to please the father to become a better person than the father educational-wise, monetarily, and in all other areas of life. But I realize how this is contingent on 'survival' so thus, the real point that I got here is that the son is suppose to become a better 'slave' for the world / economic system, and thus, no real solution is being taken place because a son who copies the father is essentially copying the world / economic system in an individualized personality called the 'father'.

Thus, I commit myself to expand the word 'son' as a male human offspring who educates himself about the world to be able to function within the world, and use that knowledge to become aware of how that knowledge is being lived within himself, which is through getting a job to make ends-meet to support the family, and instead of this lifestyle being the reason for living, the son is able to help bring an awareness to the world about how this particular lifestyle is being lived over and over again by many others, and to also help bring an awareness of common-sensical changes that are able to be established within the world such as nationalizing resources as a way to bring about a source that will be able to provide the monetary resources for a basic income for everyone.

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