15 July 2012

Day 93 | The "Sympathetic Character" -- Hiding Guilt

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within the "Sympathetic Character" within postponing what is best for all within writing and self-forgiveness to correct who I am moment-by-moment in/as my life wherein' within writing, I make a commitment to correct myself in/as my starting-point / reason for what I do in every moment of breath in all situations / circumstances -- declaring, within writing, that I will take self-responsibility to perfect myself in all areas of and as my life, but -- when/as my cousin called me this morning at 10:36 AM I experienced sympathy for her because of her position within and as this world -- to survive in order to make money, thus, putting myself in her shoes, I chose to postpone what is best for all -- that can assist and support others (as myself) have a look at -- re-establishing who self is in all moments / experiences / situations in ones' world and reality. But because of how I defined myself as, within sympathy, I placed myself in her shoes from/as how I already saw myself existing as -- that we as humans need to make money to live / survive -- being that 'sympathy' in itself is of the mind, and that within/as having 'sympathy' I allow my mind to be the directive principle of/as me without having a look at what would be best for all within the context of the day. So within this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within 'sympathy' as a point of feeling 'guilty' (negative) for not helping my cousin out enough because that feeling guilty comes from wanting to 'please' her, and that because I am existing within the point of 'pleasing' I know that my starting-point for wanting to help her was not real. Thus with the point of 'helping another', existing within a starting-point of 'sympathy', I am in-fact making a statement that I don't care about doing what is best for all which would be, in this situation -- having a look at the starting-point for that which I speak, and that which I 'feel' within me because I am simply supporting within the feeling the point of 'guilt' of which I am actually saying that 'guilt' is okay, thus, I will keep unconsciously manifesting 'guilt' within and as me within and as 'kindness' and 'helping' others as this point gets proliferated / multiplied into all minds unconsciously -- creating / maintaining a world that pleases each other from the starting point of 'guilt' and not actually ever doing anything about it, or having a look at the source of the problem which is self. The source has simply become compound by the tacit manipulation from the collective that being 'nice' and 'kind' will change the world when it in fact makes the world worse because the positive -- in this case which is kindness -- has to be balanced within the negative within 'war' -- in order to keep that kindness point stable.

I commit myself to show that when and as anyone calls for help, see, realize, and understand the starting-point which are the thoughts, back-chats, and internal conversations that manifest within me -- that if I help them, then I am helping them from within that starting point that I thought about within me. Thus, it is to slow myself down, and adjust my schedule from within the starting-point that I don't create multi-dimensional layers of thoughts, feelings, and emotions, to and towards myself and others because if I do then then everything that I do with and around them will be in multi-dimensional layers of my mind which I haven't directed. Thus, it is for me to see, realize, and understand who I am in every moment. What is it I am existing as in this moment, and how can I correct / perfect myself accordingly to where I don't have to keep existing within/as cycles of the same point over and over that I am virtually never really aware of until I actually make the decision to have a look at what I am accepting and allowing myself to be and become in any given moment. Thus, I commit myself to see, realize, and understand why writing is important -- because within writing, I am able to effectively come up with a schedule for myself that is best for me within the context that it doesn't create multidimensional layers of thoughts, feelings, and emotions to/towards others -- that my schedule is aligned to what is best for all within this context of writing down / having a look at all of the ways of living and existing that are the most optimal for everyone that exists -- as a whole and the most optimal for myself equally. How will my schedule benefit me the most from the starting-point of not within self-interest, but what actually has to be done that is optimal for myself and others within/as my environment common-sensically and self-honestly? I also commit myself to see, realize, and understand that writing is important because within writing is in-fact written declarations of making commitments that I will in-fact correct who I am in every moment -- that I am 'in-fact' not going to be directed by and as thoughts, feelings, and emotions to/towards another, but that I, within writing, will make the declaration that I will 'clear' myself within clear my starting point, and direct myself in ways that benefit me and others from / within looking at how we all are able to be benefited equally to bring about stability and common-sense in the situation -- regardless of whether everyone will like it or not.


I gotta help my cousin out because the computer her means of making money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use backchat as a method of existing and maintaining a character -- instead of realizing that backchat is there because I identify within and as that back-chat as a part of me.

I commit myself to identify the back-chat of and as "I gotta help my cousin out because the computer her means of making money." by seeing, realizing and understanding that the point of this back-chat existing within me is because of fear -- the fear of loss -- so within this fear of loss, I exist within and as a polarity of winning and losing, as winning for me is having money, so I have to keep up this point of winning by creating a personality that constantly and continuously seek for money out of fear of losing that which defines me in my world and reality within money and value. Thus, a point of/as self-commitment would be to stop the energetics of this fear through self-forgiveness and self-corrective application to have a look at all of the energetics that I participate in in the 'working' for money -- as how does working for money affect me in my daily application of working for money? What kind of reactions come up in/as the times for/of working for money? All of these points I can have a look at as the 'reactions' that comes up within/during working for money, and then get to a point wherein I'm no longer 'controlled' by the energetics of making money through and as my movements, body-language, speech, etc.

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