21 February 2012

2012 | Whitney Houston Given a Private Burial

Whitney Houston died on February 11th 2012. Since February 20th 2012, no one knows the cause of her death. The body of "Whitney Houston" arrived for burial on Sunday, February 19th 2012 in New Jersey. Whitney Houston was given a private burial next to her father in the Fairview cemetery.

I was reading the original article, and looked at the point of Whitney Houston having a private burial in the Fairview Cemetery next to her father. The question is, why does she need a private burial? I look at the point of how relationships in this world and reality is established. Relationships have become a point of abuse, from the perspective, of how we specialize another individual within our reality, or an individual that died that we were 'close' to emotionally. It seems as though, in death, the kind of relationship-tie that an individual or individuals had to a particular specific person or people seems to get emphasized because the 'tie' that was the 'strings' as the emotions and feelings to/towards that particular specific person gets severed. Death really, in a sense, brings out the true thoughts, feelings, and emotions that an individual had with another individual in their life. It's funny because during the life of the 'relationship-tie' between the two or more beings, whether they knew each other or not, most of the time the relationship isn't even real, and can be tested if one allows themselves to react in any way whatsoever within/as the relationship with the individual. If I reacted to my mom in anger, for instance, for not treating me right; if she one day died -- and I sat there and cried for her and told myself that I loved her with all of my heart "even though we argued all of the time" then I know that my relationship with my mom was never real because I never had an actual relationship with her. Instead, the relationship that I had was the relationship in my own mind -- as the relationship-tie, to/towards my own thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, ideas, beliefs, etc. that I have not taken responsibility for, and thus, projected my own abuse to/towards my mom. Thus, within abusing myself, I could never have an 'actual' relationship with my mom because I abused myself through/within the what I believed and perceived 'love' to be.

I have actually done this before by projecting my thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, ideas, beliefs, etc. onto/as others because I have not taken responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, ideas, beliefs, etc., and thought that they were the culprit of why I was feeling the way that I am feeling. I have never learned to self-forgive these thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. because I formed a relationship with my own mind as these thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. thinking that they are me -- which is the reason why I desire, get angry, fear others, etc.

Isn't it just the same that we have done to Whitney Houston? It's actually a form of abuse for specializing Whitney Houston by giving her a private grave because what is being made 'private' is the emphasis of the relationship-tie which is, and consists of, our thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, ideas, beliefs, etc. that we have about OURSELVES -- projected onto Whitney, thus, using Whitney as a guinea pig because she had a 'great' voice -- that we can project our 'abuse' on in a form of 'love'. Through specializing others, we are specializing our own self-dishoneties to ourselves because no one is this world should be made 'special' while billions are left to starve. Being special will always be a product of inequality.


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