27 January 2012

2012 | How I was Able to Hear the Desteni Message

I was coming at a 'standstill' within my process of self-realization within/as my adherence to spirituality. I was always yearning to find out who I was, and where I'd come from. I mean -- we're here, and we suppose to know where we come from right? I started to believe that the creator was hiding itself because I figured that I shouldn't have to ask.... I got some cool knowledge and information over the years of who I might be according to different extraterrestrial studies and stories that I've read. One of the extraterrestrials that I read about were of an intellectual type that supposedly surpassed our intellectual, and technological proficiency as human beings. I mean... I got to the point of believing that who we are, as human beings, are simply a form of elaborate technology created by an extraterrestrial race, but the question was still persistent within me, "Who created us?" There were several doctrines that I adhered to that sounded convincing, but they were not convincing enough to remain firm within it. One of those doctrines was the Christian doctrine.

I became a 'Christian' when I was young because I was informed by my parents and family that Christianity is 'the way' to self-realization, but they called it 'salvation'. There was a fear towards adhering to Christianity though -- that if I am not a Christian, I am going to Hell, but the fear wasn't as prominent at the time when I was in my younger years. It became more prominent as I got older because of the knowledge and information that I acquired within/as, and about -- the 'integrity' of Christianity, and how to be an effective Christian.

When I got older, I wanted to 'commit' myself to Christianity more because I was intermittent within it in my younger years, thus, I remained within this particular religious path for approximately 2.5 years contiguously as a point of being loyal to it. I wasn't really self-honest within it because, within, I 'felt' that there was still something 'missing' within my spiritual process as my relationship that I established with God, and I realized that it was ME that I was still missing.

I questioned my process with God with a question to God, "So is this the lifestyle that an individual suppose to have when they are committed to You?... going to church, praising, worshiping You and reading Your Word?" I was not fond of the lifestyle that I had. It felt more like an enslavement process. There was something 'more' that I was looking for -- so I stopped going to church, and eventually halted my relationship with 'God'. My last prayer to God was: "I'm going to seek You in different ways that is not related to Christianity and if I find something that makes 'more sense', then I am not going to pursue this so-called 'Christianity' religion anymore." I didn't really say it in that exact statement, but it is what I meant nevertheless. I attempted to say it in the 'nicest' way in order for God to not become angry at my statement to Him, lol.

So I went out and sought 'God' in other studies. I always wanted to 'hear' its 'voice' because at church, there were prophets and prophetesses that could presumably 'hear' God speak. Thus, I desired that ability also. "Why does it even have to be an 'ability'?" is what I asked myself at one point. So I found a book called 'Conversations with God' which really changed my 'perspective' on life, but the primary thing that was inconsistent within/as my relationship to the book was that there were no 'practical' applications within it wherein I am able to apply it within my life, but it did change my perspective on God, religion, and spirituality. So the 'fear' within me of 'leaving' the 'Christian' God was even more prominent within me at the time because I remembered a bible scripture that stated that God is a 'jealous' God, but I no longer, presently, have a fear of God because it is not even a point to even consider as a practical point in my life.

Eventually within my spiritual 'quest', one of my greatest desires was to check out the astral dimension because it would be a more effective point of communication as communicating directly with the spiritual realm rather than hearing God's voice in my head. The astral dimension was supposedly, according to my studies, a reality that looked exactly like this reality, but more liquified yet still formidable. I was looking for demons, angels.... all of the beings that I studied in the past within my quest for finding the truth about things. I told myself, "Well if they are not revealing themselves here, I'm going to go to them myself in the astral dimension." My quest for going to the astral dimension never really succeeded because there had to be a way wherein my mind was 'awake' and my body 'asleep' -- although, one's mind is always awake intrinsically according to the knowledge and information out there that speaks about the integrity of how the mind works on a scientific level. I could never achieve this so I eventually began giving up on it.

Subsequently, I just fueled my mind with what I knew best -- which was having relationships with my imaginary friends that I had since childhood. I could at least 'believe' myself to 'be' somewhere by keeping my mind occupied with thinking about them, and communicating with them within my mind. I figured since most of the entities that I created within my mind were extraterrestrials -- that they are able to tell me something that I didn't know that I could tell others within this world and feel 'special' that I have other-worldly information (not originating from this planet).

One day though, I saw an interesting video on astral projection on YouTube -- on a page called Desteni, and how astral projection is simply a virtual reality within a virtual reality. I was like, "What??" I never heard of that perspective before. I also viewed another video called "The Design of I was an Alien in my Past Life" -- because I used to believe, based on a recorded session about my life from a psychic's perspective at the time, that I was an alien in my past life from the 7th Great Central Sun. I also 'felt' like an alien most of my life anyway because of my unique personality construct that I developed within/as me.

So these two videos basically impinged upon me. Therefore, I started watching more videos. Eventually, I started hearing about 'equality'. I've heard that statement over and over again throughout my life. I simply took it as another impractical point that could never manifest itself in this reality under the current financial systematic structure that exists. I mean -- how can we all exist within/as 'equality' if we are all 'raping' each others' pocketbooks? That doesn't sound like equality to me. It just sounds like some mambo-jumbo bullshit that is uttered with 'beautiful' words to keep us in a state of 'hope'.

But Desteni spoke about equality in a different light that I have never actually considered, and that is through changing the entire system into/as a system that is best for all -- not just 'equality' as having everyone from different cultures, backgrounds, languages, religious beliefs, races, etc. coming together and singing Kumbayah. That wouldn't be common-sensical because the system, within that 'lovey-dovey' display of affection would still be accepted and allowed to exist the way it is existing today -- thus rape, corruption, war, slavery, etc. would be still accepted within the midst of what equality is defined within/as today. It doesn't really matter how many political leaders change a rule or two that makes an impact in this world under the current system. IF THIS MONETARY SYSTEM EXISTS IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER, NO ONE CAN CLAIM ACTUAL EQUALITY, and equal rights as something that can be made formidable within the current system. Thus, equality becomes something that makes common sense. It will just need the 'hands' to develop it (physical hands -- not 'spiritual' hands). This is one way of how I was able to hear the Desteni message as simplicity.

So within 'finding myself' within/as my spiritual quest within religion as Christianity, and astral projection as a meta-physical study, I told myself that within fulfilling my spiritual desires, where does that leave the world? It leaves it in the same position of abuse, and this is thus engineered into/as all humans. Everyone has a desire, and thus, one will attempt to satisfy that desire within/through their entire lives. Where does that leave the world? -- in the same fucked up position as before. But what drives these desires to exist within the integrity as it exists is money -- which means that we all really have the same 'religion' -- trying to obtain an extra dollar to continue our 'freedom' within desiring what we want or prefer in order to enhance our lifestyles (whether it's spirituality or being a proficient juice maker) -- because without money, how will that lifestyle be supported?

Therefore, if we can become cognizant and actually put or hands together to change the very structure that is the dictator of our lives (which is money), we can develop actual equality, and this is the Desteni message that I argued with initially because I really didn't understand equality from the perspective of how it is being presented within/as common sense.

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