12 November 2011

The Will of God as Brainwashing

"The Will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you." is a quote that I read one day. I looked at this quote, and I recognized it as a point of separation. Within the first section of the quote states "The Will of God". We see here that within this phrase, there is a point of defining life within the Will of God. If God is the 'director' of the integrity of who we are, and the 'director' of the 'fabric' of the universe, then life itself is constricted within the binds of the commands of a god which equals enslavement -- even if it's for a 'good' purpose because all 'good' things doesn't exist anyway because 'good will' always relies on 'bad decisions' to make it 'good'. It is a polarity of opposites attracting each other. It can also be used as a good sales technique -- which is exactly what it is anyway.

Also the "Will" of God cannot and doesn't fit the equality equation. If you look at what God wants, God wants for us to 'trust' him. Putting trust into another being is actually self-diminishment, and thus, one is not able to take self-responsibility for themselves to trust themselves. If God wants for his creation to 'trust' him, then that god is not actually taking the responsibility to direct him or herself, and thus, is not fit to manage / direct the universe. This point of trust in a God to direct the universe is actually dangerous because it allows abuse in all forms and levels -- which is exactly how relationships work within this reality.  What happens when beings 'trust' each other? They can abuse each other freely within the relationship -- which is the reason that 'rape' exists because 'rape' is showing us exactly how relationships work -- a "good fuck" and move on, or a good 'mind-fuck' with each other for the duration of the relationship. The only difference between rape and relationships are that there are 'good feelings' in relationships that give relationships a 'specialness' to it that can last for a long time which is one of the elements that 'mind-fucks' consist of. Another element of mind-fucking each other in a relationship is pleasing the other individual -- which, in turn, allows abuse in the world to flourish because everyone's focusing on pleasing their partner rather than looking at the fucked-upness in this world. It's just like worshiping and trusting in God to clean up our shit. All of our energy is spent on trusting in God and not actually doing anything to change this reality practically.

Within the second section of the quote states "the Grace of God will not protect you". And if you put it together, it states, "The Will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you." -- which means that there are some areas within this existence that God doesn't have control over because if God puts you in those positions, God wouldn't be able to protect you because those positions within existence has become 'uncontrollable' for God, or those positions have become so fucked-up that God can't even control its own creation. If one person is not able to exist in a particular position within this world, that means that the position has become so fucked up because of our acceptances and allowances in this world that it has become unlivable. I ask myself what those positions would be because apparently there are people in this world that are put in positions within this world that are so abusive, but apparently 'God' can still 'protect' us within these positions -- such as getting raped by someone, getting beat with whips for not obeying a master, literally eating shit to survive because food is non-existent, eating dirt patties to survive, and so on. Apparently according to the quote, God is able to 'protect' us within these positions which is why some of us are placed there right?

So every quote has an underlying source within it. One just has to open their eyes to reality and realize the bullshit behind the Will of God, or any other apparently enlightened quote. One can thus equalize themselves with all of creation as God and to ask Self, is this what I really want within this world? It is clearly not what I want. Thus, we are able to direct ourselves to a better world where no man will have to be protected from abuse at all -- because within the existence of 'protection' lies a form of abuse which allows 'protection' to exist and proliferate as something that is considered necessary.


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