27 August 2011

Conflict of Business Interests II: Self Direction Within What Is 'Best for All'

I decided to quit "North American Power" which is an energy business that is also focused on promoting green energy by selling renewable energy certificates (RECs) to consumers.

Why Did I Quit North American Power?

North American Power, from my perspective, is a practical business where, theoretically, one is able to make quick income. The business structure is a multi-level marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for the sales that they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.

In my last Conflict of Business Interests blog, I stated that "J" was involved with another business. Alongside with that business, "J" also decided to be a part of North American Power to assist the agreement / relationship. By joining me and by walking with me, she can then be there "as me" to know where I am, and am coming from.

Although, North American Power is a theoretically a practical business, the reason that I quit North American Power is because it is not 'best for all'. What's 'best for all' is that I work with the group that we're involved in together to help promote what is 'best for all man' -- as a point where each man is able to live a dignified life by giving each individual an equal monetary value, and teaching man, the concept of what it means to be and live as 'equals'.

I wasn't able to focus on this point much because I was 'moving fast' attempting to promote North American Power wherein, I didn't give myself sufficient time to participate and promote the processes that our group is participating and promoting in/as. Although, the practicality of North American Power is adequate, and I was also going to utilize the revenue to implement into the funds to promote the tools that we are utilizing to further our implications, many of our colleagues are within structures that are also coordinated in a way wherein each man is able to earn a substantial amount of income within the application of Desteni and Equal Money.

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