25 July 2011

Conflict of Business Interests

Before the agreement with "J", I was involved with a company who's primary product is a natural male-enhancement supplement. I was told by a friend of mine about the business opportunity whom I was initially his down-line in another 18-year business that fell off.

Subsequently, I got involved with an agreement with "J" wherein there was a conflict of business interest which ended the agreement. With that ending the agreement, we looked at the points and decided to get back together. "J" then joined the business and we have been working together successfully with each other within the business.

After some "media shock" from competitors of male-enhancement, the company had to do a 'recall'. A 'nefarious' competitor sent in spiked samples of their product to the FDA. One was not in original packaging, but in a glass tube and weighted more than their normal product, and was spiked with 140 mg of Sildenafil (50mg is a normal dose). The flagship erectile dysfunction product was under a forced recall by the FDA for containing the illegal drug.

Thus, the company we are involved in ended up also changing its formula to a different formula in which our 'up-line' (me and the one that introduced me to the company) finally stated that he is going to another business because of the changes implemented which fumbles with the integrity of the company.

So our up-line went to a company that is dedicated to marketing products that leave our planet greener, provide our customers substantial savings and offer our independent entrepreneurs a sustainable long term business opportunity. The goal of this company is to reduce the world’s dependency on fossil fuels and also reduce emissions in at least 10% of the world’s vehicles. By using and promoting tablets for your car that is comprised of an organo-metallic metal conditioner that acts as a burn rate modifier which catalyzes fuel. This action allows more of the fuel to burn in the power stroke of the engine and therefore less fuel burns in the exhaust stroke.

I was excited about it. My goal was to get a 'good position' in the company since our up-line personally knew well-known people within the business (that's also been in the industry) that was above him. I personally spoke with one of the people that he knew that made millions of dollars selling a similar product in the past. The benefit I saw was that if he's able to promote people into the business, I am also able to promote people into the business for a low investment price. As he builds the team, my 'position' within the business also grows since his down-line would also be my down-line. I would then have more 'clout' because we would all be working together equal & one -- within the business.

The lasting of the business was minimal because our up-line told me that he moves where the 'money' is. I was always 'okay' with moving where he went since he's made six-figures in the past and knew where the most financially practical companies are at. My goal was simply to get a good position and if it does happen to grow, then at least I would have a good position and grow it from there. My 'fallback' was paying $600.00 to become part of the Founder's Club which 'broke' me.

So from paying that $600.00, my interest in the next business that he moved to was not so high, but it was one of the simplest companies to be involved in that didn't have an initial investment fee. The product was selling a renewable energy source that's made in the USA. Using the power of wind as a natural resource in America.

I found this to be most practical because there isn't an initial investment fee to be a business member, but one still has to pay for the product which is only $19.50 a month, or switch electrical services (that is only available in some of the New England states at the time when writing this blog).

A little bit after finding this opportunity, we found another opportunity that has no initial investment fee, but in order to become a member, an investment is necessary which may be exorbitant for people that do not have sufficient income to be a member. Thus, there are advantages and disadvantages in both companies: information-wise, financially, etc.; my primary goal was to get involved with something that has a low initial investment fee for all to join or no initial investment fee in order to precipitate funds primarily for Desteni.

So this is where we are now = a conflict of business interests. "J" sees the business that she's in as working it with the group that we're involved in -- creating more 'force' to 'move' the business together as we, in turn, 'move' the group to 'greater levels'. I see the business that I am in, getting people involved by simply investing in the product for $19.95 a month as they tell their friends and family about it. With such a low investment fee (investing in the product or switching electrical service), I see it as more 'financially practical' from the perspective of benefiting 'more' people that do not have sufficient income. I will continue to work with "J" with the business that she's in; I am also in it too because I do have interest in that -- as I continue to work mine also.

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