19 June 2011

Satanist on the Road

The diversity of religion, culture, personality, etc. is prominent within this reality. It is the point wherein we, as humanity, support the 'reverse entity' to exist: which the 'reverse entity' is the 'reflection' of ourselves that we 'disagree' with because we are only able to see our own 'agreement' to what we have created within our minds, but the 'creation' thereof looks 'different' which means that the 'creation' that exists within the 'physical reality' is 'really' what that specific thought construct that is formed as an opinion, an idea, a perception, a belief, etc. actually exist as. All-in-all, I can say just by 'seeing' the world that exists today, I can say that the physical constructed point that exists equals to 'separation' which is the 'general cause' of what we see within the world today.

This point originated from a point yesterday wherein I saw a 'Satanist' for the first time in the physical reality. Satanism would be the point manifested from its 'reflection' which is 'morality' and 'ethics'. Morality is the concern with 'good conduct' within the system: practicing the 'values' of what is means to be 'right'. Ethics are the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group, or in other words, a system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct. Morality and Ethics is what supports the 'law' to exist, which requires one to 'stand right' before the system. The 'law' within the system would be equivalent to the 'Lord' in religion: wherein 'righteousness' is the principle of 'standing right' before God who is the 'governor' of the universe.

Satanism, in general, rejects the idea of 'good' and 'evil' as 'universal absolutes'. This would be the 'opposite' of 'morality'. Why then if 'morality' supports the 'betterment' of man, does an 'opposite polarity' exist? It is because man is trying to 'better' themselves 'externally' rather than accepting all points of Self 'internally' and working with those points -- taking self-responsibility to 'change' the 'internal nature'. Man's 'internal nature' WAS 'inherently good' until man judged his own self and called himself 'bad'. This is how 'sin' originated -- through ones own self-judgments creating the point of 'sin' which has been passed down from generation to generation. Man has 'abdicated' 'half' of himself. Man has 'abdicated' the 'dark side' for the 'light' -- which both are just 'fabrications' because the 'dark side' of man and the 'righteous side' of man really doesn't exist, but exists because of one's own judgments about themselves. So we now see the 'condition' of the world as 'separation' and 'abuse' because we have abused our own selves -- creating religions, cultures, concepts, beliefs, ideas, opinions, and perceptions based on 'polarity'.


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