21 June 2011

My Experience at the Desteni America Meeting

My experience at the Desteni America meeting was not what I expected. I expected everyone to be serious, but in fact, virtually everyone was essentially playful, but scrupulous. The transportation there took approximately four and a half hours wherein I utilized the time to listen to Bernard Poolman videos that were relatively long in duration -- which helped with the span of time that it took to travel to the specific destination. During my stay there I was quite calm externally, but was experiencing a slight inner point of needing to be 'serious' because of the condition of the world (as seriously fucked-up) and also because I judged everyone else as being 'serious'. Thus, the 'seriousness' was the primary 'movement' within me, and is relatively a perpetual movement within me at a 'resonant level'. Although, the 'movement' wasn't extensive, but it was present nevertheless. So within these moments, I allowed myself to 'breathe' and remain here 'stable' and 'sound' as to not 'move' within an 'energetic point' of 'instability' -- because I know that the 'energetic movement' is essentially not real. Only I am experiencing it because I allow myself to experience it because of the condition of the world, and because of my own self-judgment projected onto others. Thus, I did some self-forgiveness for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I have to be a 'certain way' in order to 'fit in' with the other 'Destonians'. It was great to see all of the 'Destonians' coming together. There wasn't a 'need' to effectuate an 'energetic point' to get some entertainment (energy-containment) going. The communication with others was 'here' one and equal.


The Deception of Infinity of Divinity

Zero Point Enlightenment and a Higher Path P1

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