17 April 2011

Recording All Points Within Blogs & Vlogs

I am in relationship with J as an 'equality agreement' which is a declaration of both party’s 'agreement' that the individual is one and equal as all life and how that is to be manifested in the physical for real, as the individuals involved in an 'equality agreement' assist self by stopping the mind through self-forgiveness, self-honesty and practical application in day to day life, standing as self and assisting each other to create a world where all life is truly honored for eternity.

Let me break it down for you. Normal relationships work within/as 'energy' by generating feelings and emotions such as: love, passion, the generation of 'sexual energy' within/as intercourse through the participation in energetic patterns of love, feelings, etc., anger which induces conflict and arguments, fulfillment of a point 'from' another, etc. An equality agreement would be considered a self-directive form of relationship where the two or more that are involved are involved with the sole purpose of directing these points to not allow self to 'fall' into the 'trap' of 'energy' of which is believed is who we are. Will we always live as a 'reaction' as the 'outflow' of thoughts, feelings and emotions? This is how 'relationship' is structured -- to support the 'relationship' instead of supporting self AS the relationship: by stopping the 'energetic flow' that creates conflict with/as self with/as another. And the way that 'relationship' is supported is through and as this 'energy' of thoughts, feelings and emotions that we participate within/as everyday.

Within an 'agreement' as a 'real' relationship with another, everything should be recorded. All points that are investigated should be recorded within blogs and vlogs because this assists and supports one another to actually 'see' the process and how the relationship stands with/as the other. It will reveal the 'demons' that one is feeding through the mind and it will assist in 'stopping' these 'demons' through self-direction by applying self-corrective application when a time-loop occurs (another opportunity to 'face' the point again.) Therefore the question is, what kind of 'movement' are you accepting and allowing within you in which you are accepting and allowing that point to 'create' the 'outflow' of your relationship? Blog about it and SEE yourself. Then apply self-forgiveness for accepting and allowing yourself to 'conform' the thought, feeling, or emotion, and then apply self-corrective action wherein the point will be directed accordingly.

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