17 April 2011

Fearing the " I " of Intimacy

Yesterday (April 16th 2011) I was chatting with someone and 'breath orgasm' came through as the topic. Breath orgasm is a 'non-sexual' way to stop 'built up' energies, to stabilize yourself and to stop 'sexual addiction' utilizing the breath only. It is not something that I am proficient at presently, but I allowed myself to become intimate with my body by touching it as the individual that I was in communication with was supporting me with this point. Before, I would do this point during sexual masturbation. I would rub / touch my body. I would be 'intimate' with my body as myself. I would 'feel' my shoulders, my arms, neck, chest, nipples, stomach, pelvic area, legs, etc. I would become 'intimate' with these parts of the body through touch -- with no one around -- only me -- before performing masturbation -- which is 'separation'. Why? Because I could not do this point with the individual that I was in communication with 'equal and one', plus, my starting-point was based on a point 'separation' from the 'touching myself as intimacy' which would be to acquire 'pleasure' from masturbation therafter, thus, the 'intimacy' that I 'thought' that I had was simply a form of feeding the 'mind' through sexual performances that appeared to be intimate. If I am unable to do these points with/as another, and if I am unable to do it 'equal and one' as 'innocence' without the performance and expectation of going into a 'masturbation point thereafter', I am simply 'fucking' myself as my 'desires' (literally).

Another point that came up was that I am unable to 'feel' my body because:

1) It is unnecessary to go to that intimate level with the body because that is a MIND interaction. For one, there is really no such thing as 'intimacy' as a 'feeling', but there is intimacy as the " I ". Only the " I " can express the entirety of who I am 'here' as all 'parts' of me with no reaction. When I am unable to express the " I " of me 'equal and one', then intimacy becomes a 'feeling' rather than the 'pure' expression of who I am.

2) I don't have time to 'play' with myself. I should remain existent within/as the point of 'tension' everywhere I go, because I should 'reflect' / 'mirror' the system. Therefore within this point, I 'believe' that I should 'reflect' the system because of the point of 'guilt' -- believing that I am unable to do anything about this system. But now there is something that we are able to do about it -- by establishing a system where everyone has 'equal values', and 'equal money'. No one would be specialized within the point of 'equal money'.

Equal Money

Equal Money is a common-sensical tool where everyone will be able to express the point of 'equal values' and 'equal rights', so to speak, by establishing a system that is 'best for all' man. It is the 'foundation' of that which we all 'express' within the form of religion and politics etc. from the perspective of 'freedom'. In religion, you die and go to a place where everyone is equal. In politics, man talks about the point wherein s/he believes is 'best for all' from their perspectives, but politics is also used in social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power, but it would still be the same concept nevertheless because 'behind' the power lies a sense of 'freedom'. It is as though everyone is 'trying to get' to 'freedom' within/as 'power' -- which is 'separation' from the realization that everyone is already equal and that 'freedom' is 'already here' within/as the 'foundation' of 'equality'.

But an equal money system would be virtually impossible to manifest because the foundation of the current system is meant for the 'rich' to be financially fed through the poor. It is meant to support 'polarity' for financial gain. Thus, the 'heaven' would simply be provided for the 'rich' -- which is not an 'actual heaven', but is a sort-of 'manipulated' form of heaven. Equal money would be the answer to stop all crimes. Have a look. Most / All crimes are manifested because of survival:

Peer influence
A person's peer group strongly influences a decision to commit crime. For example, young boys and girls who do not fit into expected standards of academic achievement can sometimes become lost in the competition. Children of families who cannot afford adequate clothing or school supplies can also fall into the same trap. Researchers believe these youth may abandon schoolmates in favor of criminal gangs, since membership in a gang earns respect and status in a different manner. In gangs, antisocial behavior and criminal activity earns respect and street credibility. Like society in general, criminal gangs are usually focused on material gain. Gangs, however, resort to extortion, fraud, and theft as a means of achieving it.
We see here that 'peer influence' plays a role in the cause of crimes, and we can see that 'criminal gangs' are usually focused on 'material gain' as stated above. Researchers believe some of the young people who do not meet certain standards, whether it's academic, social, financial, etc. may abandon schoolmates in favor of criminal gangs, since membership in a gang earns respect and status. Now if everyone had the 'material necessities' already: such as a good running car, a roof over their head... all common-sensical shit that man needs to 'survive' and travel effectively, we can 'mathematically' say that at least 'most' gangs wouldn't exist anymore because everyone would have the basic fundamentals that are 'fought for' daily.

Now we also see 'pride' as another reason of gang activity. Many gangs are out to be known -- to be shown. Why? Because they are simply reflecting what we are doing to each other. In our systematic life that has been birthed through our collective choices, we have a hierarchy: the rich at the top and the poor at the bottom. I also thought about the point of how 'northern' regions and countries seem to virtually always have 'more than' southern regions, states, and countries. Have a look. North America vs. South America. If you stay in Dallas, you'll know that North Dallas has a more financial integrity than South Dallas. We see four of the most richest countries based in Europe which is one of the north-most continents out of the seven continents. This doesn't reveal a relevant point, but simply an observation, but the point is, pride, from an 'ego' perspective, is birthed from the point of 'polarity' as 'more than' - 'less than'. Thus, gangs would be 'showing us' our own 'haughty' tendencies -- which causes abuse, murder, rape, starvation, etc. Pride is a killer, and the more that we participate in 'pride', the more we support the 'abuse' to continue to exist.

So what would be the cause of pride is the same reason that there is polarity in the financial system (rich / poor). The rich needs many people to support their financial integrity. The poor simply needs a constructed financial integrity and will have the psychological motive to make that happen depending on how 'great' their 'desire' is for a constructed financial integrity -- which would birth robbery, murder, etc. within the world because of this polarity friction.

This would be the same as pride. Pride equals power and freedom. Money equals power and freedom. The ones that already have 'position' have 'respect' from other fellow men, and the most 'obvious' way to gain 'respect' is by acquiring a sufficient amount that will equal to the 'image' of 'respect'. Many individuals that don't have money or 'pride' will 'force' their pride to manifest through means such as through different forms of violent motives which would then manifest the 'emotion' / 'feeling' of 'pride' within/as themselves through/as the MIND. So we know that 'pride' is birthed from polarity, and we know that one obvious (and probably the greatest polarity point) within the world is 'money'. Well through 'equal money', everyone will be 'equal', and there would be no need to do things to gain 'pride'. Pride will cease to exist. It is the same as with mathematics.

If you are multiplying 1/2 X 2/1, you will get the answer 2/2. Since 2 and 2 are the same, then they will both 'cancel out' each other and equal one. If you take the phrase 'equal one' within this context and add equal+ity and one+ness, you get equality and oneness.

Here's another example. If you are multiplying 12/6 X 6/18, you will get the answer 2/3 (or .667). The two 6s in this context will 'cancel out' and 'equal one'. Thus, 12/1 and 1/18 would equal to 2/3.

So if we 'bring everyone' to a point where everyone is equal and one with/as themselves, then equality is birthed, and thus, equal-money can take effect. How to do that? It is the same with mathematics. We have to 'cancel out' all points that are believed to exist 'separate' from us and to realize that we are equal and one to these points and that we 'are' those points. This will cause starvation, greed, murder, rape, genocide, etc. to cease to exist because these points are birthed from a starting point of 'separation' such as 'fear' -- utilizing thoughts, feelings and emotions to generate these points 'as separation'. Thus, which is why it is 'vital' to stop the MIND existent within/as 'polarity'. The 'opposite' is only a 'polarity reflection' of the alternative. The 'opposite' really doesn't exist.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that if I 'walk' with 'pride', I am 'free' from all of that which is the manifestation of 'pride' as the 'low' -- instead of realizing that I, instead, support 'abuse' to continue within this world with a starting-point of 'pride' -- that I have observed through manifestations of 'genocide' and the 'raping' of 'self-dignity'.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that the 'opposite polarity' exists and that it is 'bigger' than me instead of realizing that I accept all manifestations within/as this world to remain existent because I 'feed' these polarities from within my own mind through thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to 'fear' being intimate with my body because of the belief that it is not necessary to be intimate with my body because I was 'brainwashed' to believe that I have to remain 'tense' within this world in which I support 'tension' to exist through my belief that 'tension' is God through money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I have to exhibit 'pride' in order to be accepted / respected instead of realizing that the exhibition and support of utilizing 'pride' within/as 'emotion' is my declaration of the enslavement of this reality that humanity has birthed collectively as 'abuse' and also my declaration that I support 'pride' to continue to exist within manifestations of rich/poor, murder, rape, starvation, hierarchy, 'specialness', etc.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I have to exhibit 'pride' instead of looking at the points wherein I allow 'pride' to exist within/as me and instead of bringing about solution within/as this world to 'stop' pride and the very manifestations of pride thereof.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that there is something that could possibly exist 'separate' from me and that I 'need' that very thing to create the 'expression' that I walk as a mind-consciousness system as the ego / identity that I give myself as a 'personality' instead of realizing that I am equal and one to all as all.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that 'respect' within this world is the 'respect' of the mind through/as thoughts, feelings and emotions -- that the 'respect' within this world is based on 'separation' -- acquiring a point that is believed to be 'separate' from self in order to 'feel' as if Self has what is 'required' to be 'respected.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that 'respect' within this world is the 'respect' of the mind through/as thoughts, feelings and emotions -- that the 'respect' within this world is based on 'personality' as the 'caressing' of the 'personality' which is the part of self that has been 'developed' through 'abuse' and 'separation' -- 'respecting separation' as who we are and infiltrating it within the world causing more 'abuse' masqueraded with 'love' and 'morality'.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that an 'equal money system' is ludicrous because it is an 'impossible concept' compared to the current system that we live in in which within that statement, I 'declare' myself as a 'rightful slave' to the current system and not doing anything about it, thus, also accepting the current 'status' of this world as the manifestation of 'abuse' within and without.

Self-Corrective Statements:

I am the abuser and the one that gets abused if I am not doing anything about the current structure of the world. I have the ability to investigate 'equal money'.

I should throw the concept of 'respect' in the 'trash can' because to 'respect' anything or any one in this world is 'respecting' the 'foundation' of 'abuse' as 'personality', 'status', thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I do not accept or allow myself to live as 'abuse'. The only way to not accept or allow myself to live as 'abuse' is through deconstructing the " I " that has 'caused' / supported the abuse which is the MIND. Investigate Desteni for further perspective.

I am not an individual separate from another. I am all that exists. I am the supporter of 'abuse', thus, I am the 'abuser'.

I am not special.

I do not LOVE (from a perspective of 'separation' -- supporting 'love' as a cover-up of the 'true' expression within our 'current system' which is ABUSE.)

I am the Breath in every moment here.

I am here.

I am one and equal as all LIFE.

Self-Corrective Application:

To investigate equal-money.

To investigate Desteni

To investigate not supporting the MIND which is the 'generator' of 'abuse'.

To be 'intimate' with myself within the 'innocence' of the moment instead of within a 'bracket' for the 'purpose' of instigating 'sexual feelings' for masturbation purposes.

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