22 April 2011

Equal Money & Exploitation Chat

Leon: Let's talk about equal-money and exploitation. Not only in India is this happening, but in other countries also. Exploitation is even in the United States because there wouldn't be a such thing as a high, middle, and low class. These things are fabricated and controlled by self-interest and greed.

J: Well, in the Philippines, the lack of money to survive on makes them vulnerable to be bribed into doing almost anything from voting a politician into office to shutting their mouths up

Leon: What kind of other things are they bribed into?

J: The rich, who are normally people in power, will just buy them, which means the poor people's decisions are based on how much money will be earned from whatever they do and say. Honesty is being compromised because of lack of money

J: They are forced to get whatever job is available and the most common thing that remains unnoticed is women wanting to marry rich men

J: "Relationships" are then ways of getting money to survive in dignity. In fact, the measure of one's status in society is the amount of money one has

Leon: It's like that in the U.S. too, but beautified to make it seem 'normal'. It's call working to put money in the wealthy man's pocket. It is done in a sophisticated matter. Here in the U.S. jobs are more difficult to acquire which means that the middle class is struggling to remain in their positions.

Leon: The capitalistic system in its entirety is a system of abuse.

J: That is unacceptable. But it is being accepted and okayed by the society.

Leon: Yes, as it is considered 'normal' and anything that goes 'against' that (such as an Equal Money System) is ludicrous because it is believed to be unachievable.

J: Yes, but what is shocking is that instead of us saying something against it, we are accepting and allowing it

Leon: Exactly. It is as though it is a form of brainwashing. And 'Common Sense' has been redefined to mean the 'common sense' of the system, instead of what is 'best for all'.

J: The reason why it is being accepted is the apathy, because apparently, they assume there is no way out of this condition.

J: Yes, explain the common sense of the system

Leon: Everything that justifies our enslavement to it.

Leon: Within the religious system, monetary system, educational system, government system, etc.

Leon: These systems give us a 'foundation' of believing that these systems are what creates the integrity of who we are in relation to them instead of realizing that we have accepted and allowed these very systems to exist and dictate who we are.

J: one of the reason why they are apathetic to change is that they have "God" to save them

J: they assume this is real, i did this before, where i use to pray to get the solutions i need rather than creating them in this reality by standing and self directing me here

Leon: Yes, God is justification where many can justify their enslavement because of God -- believing that God has everything under control. That is outrageous and is a very act of self-abuse.

J: Our empty stomach directs us to, in our sense of "hopelessness", give up and give our own power to a "higher power"

J: This is where equal money comes in as the solution

J: When everyone gets money every month to get the basic necessities to survive in dignity, that will make them realize that LIFE is worth living for and there is another way of living LIFE

Leon: We have abdicated ourselves to an outside source that is believed to be 'greater' than the current system that we have created. That is why so many do not want to hear. Equal-Money will wake up people's eyes and realize the bullshit that we have been carrying around in the form of a belief.

J: how do you see this in America?

Leon: I see it the same way in America.

J: True. I see it happen all over the world. Money is being used to generate the MIND. It is being used as a substitute for SELF-WILLED ACTION. We do not realize that in using money this way, we are in fact creating the very problems we "want" solved in this world. Then, the mind push us into polarity where because of fear of not having money we run to get money no matter what it takes. Honesty is being compromised, Self-responsibility is being defined as taking responsibility to get money even if that means being the wife of a rich corrupt government official or working in a company producing or selling anything supporting animal abuse, human abuse etc.

J: We have to rally behind a system that will stop this from happening not only at the moment but throughout eternity

J: I had enough. 'Till here no further!

J: I am assisting in creating heaven on earth and my life will be dedicated to that and nothing else. First, i got the EQUAL MONEY BADGE which is in my profile photo (Friday, April 22nd 2011 on Facebook). I also research the changes that will be implemented once this is in place. I blog about my process also which is about stopping the mind and organizing all parts of me here in this physical reality, from my work, my bills, my "relationship" as in being in an equality agreement etc. so that i stand as Self here and is self-directing my words and actions and in the process create a world where LIFE IS TRULY HONORED.

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