19 April 2011

Celebrating Birthdays Chat

J: What do we celebrate when we celebrate birthdays?

Leon: The developed memories within/as a person in relation to the relationships that they have had with each other that has formed a 'relationship-tie' (bond) of 'specialness' associated with that individual.

J: So, if we are celebrating the memories we had as personalities with personalities, the question is, are we that personality that we say we are?

Leon: No.

J: why do you say that?

Leon: Because if I am defined by my personality, then I define myself based on my 'past constructs' of/as memories and as limitation.

J: What meaning do you give PERSONALITY?

Leon: The complex of all the attributes--behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental--that characterize a unique individual

J: so why are those limitations?

J: and why is being a unique individual not okay

Leon: Because we are programmed to walk as only these attributes.

Leon: A unique individual is not okay only if that individual defines themselves within the circumference of their uniqueness which is a form of self-interest.

J: can we transcend all those attributes? If we can, how and why?

Leon: Yes, we are able to transcend those attributes through the deconstruction of self as a 'personality' into/as 'LIFE' as who we are through self-forgiveness. For example: I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define me based on my 'personality' -- living as 'limitation' everywhere I go in which I judge others based on their 'differences' in personality in relation to my 'personality' -- instead of living a point where 'personality' is no longer the 'master' of who I am by 'deconstructing' the integrity of what I stand for as a 'personality' through self-forgiveness.

J: Why is uniqueness a form of self-interest?

Leon: Uniqueness can be a form of self-interest if I define myself as a 'personality' through/as my ego -- only 'worshipping' who I am as a 'personality' -- which is actually the 'edification' of limitation which manifests 'polarity' / separation in the world.

J: fascinating!

J: How does self-forgiveness assist as in "deconstruction of self as a 'personality' into/as 'LIFE' as who we are through self-forgiveness"? Will you explain that and how it relates to many points all of us share as personalities and birthing us here as LIFE?

J: When you say LIFE, what do you mean?

J: How can we birth ourselves as LIFE when we are already born here? That's why we have birthdays.

J: When i was born as in, I as June as the body is physically born here, that's me as the personality, okay. What is birthing me here as LIFE?

Leon: Self-Forgiveness assists in the 'deconstruction' of Self as a 'personality' because it is similar to untying shoes -- releasing the 'tie' that Self has supported as Self since the beginning. To birth ourselves as LIFE means that we become 'alive' 'beyond' our 'programming' nature. It is to live the 'expression' of who we really are as 'equals' with and as all. Therefore, from a personality standpoint, a birthday happens once a year, but from a self-expression standpoint, a birthday happens in every moment of breath as we 'birth' ourselves into/as 'eternity'.

J: fascinating!

J: how do we practically birth ourselves as breath , as in, "in every moment of breath as we birth ourselves into/as eternity"?

J: When does eternity come in and limitation disappear?

Leon: We take the practical application of stopping the 'influences' that support the 'personality' to remain a significant part of ones realty through the vehicle of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Breathing is actually a tool to assist man in directing Self to remain 'stable' in every moment by breathing in all points that Self has defines Self as, as the 'breathing out' would be the 'releasing' of all points of Self that Self has defined Self as -- which would be the point of 'letting go' of all points that define self as a 'personality'. It is to simply 'breathe' and trust in breath as who we really are 'behind' the 'facet' of the 'movements' within that we participate in as thoughts, feelings and emotions that gives life the personality. Limitation disappears when the 'personality' is no longer the 'directive principle' of man.

J: amazing

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