12 December 2009

Defining Self

What does it mean to define Self? Picture a scattered array of dots. Now grab one. You have just defined yourself as something specific, and that specific point that you have defined yourself as will be how you 'express' yourself. But this expression will never be an authentic expression because expression can only be executed without specific points that you 'hold' on to. I have 'struggled' with this myself attempting to define myself based on gender identity. Of course there may be an obvious two genders within the world, but 'internally' (mentally) there exists a spectrum of 'genders'. Now imagine every point on the spectrum having a specific 'box' and place yourself within one of those boxes. This is how self-definition is formed -- when one places Self within a 'box'. Now you have manifested yourself only as that and nothing else. You are unable to see 'beyond' what you have defined yourself as unless you move out of the 'box', and the only way to move out is to first realize what you are defining yourself as. Would you rather watch a movie sitting at a specific location within a theater, or would you rather BE the movie and everyone in the audience? I would rather BE the movie and everyone sitting in the audience. This can be done spectrally, once one realizes that defining Self simply places one's Self within a box. Once a person moves out of a specific box within the 'spectrum', one sees all as ALL. Freedom cannot be found within a box. Freedom is what Self is existent as Self HERE.

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