28 June 2011

If Desteni Didn't Exist...

If Desteni didn't exist, my primary focus would be on the study of possible alien existence based on the experiences of others. I studied a many different types of alien species that were in the category of being 'more evolved' than the human race.

Some of the alien species that I studied were the:

-) Arcturians
-) Biaviians
-) The Lacerta Files
-) Pleiadians
-) Starship Capricorn
-) Thiaooubans

I found out through Desteni, though, that I was bullshitting myself because Desteni made 'sense' BECAUSE everything that is stated within Desteni comes from a practical, self-honest perspective in relation to what is 'here', and what we as humanity has accepted and allowed to exist within this world. This simplistic concept out of all of my studies was never written about, which is the concept of taking self-responsibility to sort out our own dishonesties that created, and creates, the infrastructure of how we exist within the world. Why could I never 'see' that? It was because I was dishonest myself in everything that I did, and that all of my studies were also dishonest.

I was simply creating myself based on my own beliefs, and manifesting those beliefs within reality, thus, restructuring reality in concordance to my beliefs rather than within/as practical self-honest application that has NOTHING to do with my beliefs. I could have never seen this point of self-honesty; I could never see self-honesty period as long as I am self-dishonest because within the participation of beliefs, concepts, ideas, etc. I remain self-dishonest -- even if I am not aware of it.

What Do I Mean By Self-Dishonesty?

Self-dishonesty the point of not allowing myself to take self-responsibility in everything that I participate in. If I have points that I am not 'directing' and 'sorting out' as what I have accepted and allowed myself to be and become -- that I know is not 'in-line' with who I am, then I am self-dishonest. For example, one of my primary self-dishonest points is not taking self-responsibility to direct situations, but instead, allow the situation to direct me. I have a family member that I have officially known that was part of my family when I was 28 years of age. My self-dishonest point is not taking self-responsibility to expose the relationship. There's nothing 'wrong' with the relationship per-se, but when there are points of brotherhood, sisterhood, get-togethers, etc. that promote the integrity of the relationship without actually looking at how the relationship is structured through/within/as the mind, then that is self-dishonesty.

If I am not exposing points because I want to keep something 'beautiful' going, then I am self-dishonest. "Oh well he's my brother...." "Oh well she's my sister...." "Oh well he's my boyfriend..." "Oh well she's my girlfriend..." "Oh he's my friend though...", and this is what I was doing within a familial structure, and even friendships. I kept the bullshit going, because I never stood... I was never self-honest. So my self-standing within/as myself is to take self-responsibility in every moment to stop my bullshit -- with/to my family, to my friends, and to everyone else that I face.


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