18 February 2011

Men and Women are Like Dicks

Don't you know that men and women are like dicks? Men and women desire 'love' whenever we 'feel' as though it is time for us to 'need' someone's 'love. This would be equivalent to the analogy of a shriveled dick. Once we 'need' that person's 'love' we call them in order to 'talk' with them and 'hope' to hear the phrase 'I Love You' at the end, or spend time with them in order to 'receive' that 'feeling of love' that we apparently needed to 'experience'. This 'love high' that we believe that we 'receive' from the 'other' individual creates, one more time, a point of 'validation' within us -- with the other individual which 'strengthens' or 'keeps' the 'relationship-tie' going on within/as the mind. Now the shriveled dick has become a hard penis.

Any other time, we don't 'need' them because our 'energetic relationship-tie' to them is fulfilled. It's only when our dick becomes shriveled again -- when we believe that we are not 'getting enough love' from them wherein we believe that we 'need' their love thus, again, doing everything that it takes to make our dick hard again -- becoming 'one' with them through experiences that 'invoke' the 'energy' / 'feeling' of that which is defined as 'love' in order to be 'validated' once again.

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