20 January 2011


The 'integrity' of how one exists as is a 'slave' at birth, and the birthing of slaves happen every second through/as pregnancy. And why are we attempting to denounce slavery when we as 'humanity' continue to birth 'slavery' through sex? We then begin to develop 'love' for the child within/as the point of slavery and raise them as slaves through the monetary system. How can actual love exist if slavery still exists?

The question is, "What are we slaves to?" We are slaves to our own mind as what we accept and allow ourselves to be in every moment of breath as a manifested program of 'fear' -- accepting the world as it is and never 'standing' as the 'directive principle' to change it. To change the world, the world as 'Self' within has to change. Thus, the 'without' will surely be a 'reflection' of the inner man. How would this be done? Well, everything that man reacts to is like a 'slash' on the back by the 'master' (which is the mind-consciousness system in this case). The 'master' has the whip and our 'reactions' are as the 'whipping' being taken place. Our reactions 'change' who we are in that moment -- as the 'slash' on the back by the 'whip' changing the structural integrity of our backs which causes soars -- which would be equivalent to the 'programming' of who we are as our thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, etc -- changing the integrity of who we are, as Life, into an 'organic robot' -- as a 'slave'. Thus, 'avoiding' the whip is not enough, because what is resisted within avoidance is still there and can 'aim' to re-engage its pursuit at any time. Thus, it is the point of directing Self to not have to manifest an experience of reaction through standing as Self in every moment of breath, and Self is always 'here'. The mind is the point that takes us to the point of reaction -- as who we are. How does one Stand as the 'Actual Self'? It is to simply not be engaged in the mind -- which is the vehicle that takes us to the point of reaction -- which is the vehicle that takes us to the 'facility' of corporal punishment. The manifested experience always come from the thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories that triggered the experience. Simply allowing Self to not be engaged in thoughts, feelings and emotions (as reactions and memory regurgitations) will not create an unnecessary/redundant experience -- depending on what is being accepted and allowed within/as Self. All apparent 'bad' experiences are birthed from a point wherein someone judged themselves within an experience creating a time-loop for themselves, and within that time-loop, others 'followed' because it reflected within/as themselves also -- becoming 'less than' the experience.

So how do we end slavery? We end participation with everything that we accept and allow to exist through/as the mind as who we are -- such as fear, self-judgment, jealousy, labels, ideas, opinions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions... anything that takes Self away from what is 'here' -- which is always stable within/as every breath. No one is able to 'miss' what is 'here' unless one begins to create a point of existing 'somewhere else' within/as the mind which doesn't go in concordance with what is 'here'. We do it all the time through the point of 'love', 'beauty', 'positivity', 'religion', 'culture', etc. These points are not what is 'here' -- they simply 'shade' what is 'here' and make what is 'here' seem 'more than' / 'better than' who we are as all as one and equal to what is 'here' within/as the physical reality. Within the point of 'hereness', there is no reaction -- only breath. If you are able to allow yourself to 'breathe' and get out of your mind for a moment, you will begin to 'see' yourself within how you think about particular experiences, and you are able to use this time within/as breath to 'let go' of the illusionary reality that you existed as a 'mind-possession' and 'experience' what you've missed -- which was always right in front of your eyes.

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