21 December 2009

Putting Quotations Around Words

I see how Bernard's topics (on http://www.desteni.com/za) have a lot of quotation marks added with almost every word, and I realize that every word is actually a point where a being may be defining a specific point to that word to give it meaning -- to give it Life -- to give it 'power' for what it 'stands for'. But the 'standing' of that word is simply 'mind-related'. So every word that has a quotation added to it, I should stop and examine that word and understand how I define that word in my 'reality'. And every sentence that I write wherein I implement quotations around a word, I should examine that word and understand what I am defining that word as in my 'reality' and release every construct for what it 'stands for', because what it 'stands for' is not really what it 'stands for' as Life.

Even words that don't have quotations... Why doesn't it have a quotation around it, and 'should I put' one around it? Implementing quotes around words really assists and supports me to realize that the word that is being 'expressed' is not actually how the word is 'technically expressed' --- Such as expression and 'expression'. An expression is the communication of beliefs or opinions in a 'general' sense according to a dictionary that I just looked the word up in, but if I put quotes around it, it changes the meaning of the word 'expression'. 'Expression' in this sense means THE ACT of 'communicating beliefs or opinions' in actuality realizing that 'expression' really has nothing to do with 'beliefs' or 'opinions' -- realizing that expression is actually conveyed through 'Self-Honesty', but in order for the 'general crowd' to 'understand', this is where quotation marks are added to the word. Then the 'general crowd' will 'understand' that what is being conveyed is not how it is being conveyed in its 'literal' (technical, common, instinctive) form.

So going through and examing every word in every sentence, is the process of making each and every word sound (whole) as YOU.

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