08 May 2009

Dream: Chemical Apathy

I had a dream this morning that the system split - you know the system that we currently live in that we support to remain active.... Well the system split into two. We had the people that preferred the 'blue pill'. These people wanted to stay in the system - you know the system of the world.... The system that we keep alive.... the system that we support.... You can call it 'society'... You can call it the 'monetary system'... Well the system has many names. It is what keeps us enslaved. It was was keeps us doing what we do everyday in order to survive. We are not living. We never did - well maybe at one time, but damn... Don't know when the hell that was, lol... Anyway yeah, and then we had people who took the 'red pill'. Everybody that took the red pill was different than the people who took the blue pill. It was like no one had a 'mind' anymore. Everybody was sorta free in a way. People were acting weird though like nothing bothered them... like no one had any sense of emotion. It was great to be amongst them though. The world was split. The problem though with the people that were 'free' was that if you were from the other dimension - you know the people that took the red pill... cops were after you. 'Cause they knew who you were. The 'pure' people's skin were like gel. If you touch them, you could stick your hand through them. It was like everybody self-realized who they were, BUT in a sorta chemical way. It was like everyone self-realized who they were based on a chemical phenomenon that made them that way. So it really wasn't authentic. It was chemical-based. But the dream in itself motivated me to motivate myself to continue with my fuckin' 'process'. That fuckin' word.... Yeah, but that's what I'm doing. 'This fake ass shit'.... Signing off, bitches.

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